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Nonprofit Flight Plan is a free service for nonprofit leaders and board members seeking insights and action to help their organization. Our Crew Members are available to provide you with a Flight Plan—a written report with our recommendations, which follows a free one-hour assessment meeting with our experienced consultants and your leaders. The Flight Plan process is designed to help your organization achieve its goals and reach its destination. Register today for the pro bono consultation meeting with our Crew.

Here’s how We Help


Book a Free Consultation with Us. Nonprofit groups with annual budgets of at least $1 million can get answers to pressing questions by registering for a free one-hour meeting with our Crew — a group of skilled nonprofit consultants. Each of us is expert in our given field, with ten or more years of experience. Crew members have proven track records of success in many fields.

Pre-flight Assessment

Let’s Discuss Your Challenges. Once you fill in the registration form (right), we will contact you by email and ask you to submit background information on your organization and a few issues of concern to you. These will form the basis for the one-hour meeting with the Crew. If we think we can be of help, we will then set a date for your leaders to meet with us for the assessment meeting.

Flight Plan

Let’s Address Your Challenges. Based on the discussion at the assessment meeting, the Crew will prepare a Flight Plan that addresses your problems—a report with recommendations for implementation.

Optional Co-Pilot Services

Additional Help Can Solve Your Problems. If desired, additional services are available for a fee with one or more Crew members to help you address the issues and recommendations presented in the Flight Plan. On a contract basis, Crew members will assist you as desired to further develop and implement the recommendations outlined in your Flight Plan document.